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Audit support is similar to a warranty for a new car.  You may not ever need it, but the comfort of knowing it’s there makes all the difference in the world.  At TaxIncennovations, our clients have that same peace of mind when claiming the R&D tax credits.  When engaging with our firm, audit defense will always be included in our service offering.  Our values and beliefs mirror this initiative.  We believe that providing outside counsel, as opposed to in-house, for audit defense prevents a conflict of interest and provides a check and balance throughout our study process.

TaxIncennovations collaborates and consults directly with Derek Matta, Partner at Cantrell & Cantrell, in providing outside counsel and advisory services for audit defense.  Prior to Derek’s current role, he served as an Attorney with the Office of Chief Counsel for 18 years representing the IRS.  Mr. Matta provided advice to large case exam groups examining the R&D tax credit and represented the IRS in litigation in a local case dealing with the R&D Tax credit.  His experience with the IRS positions in reference to R&D activities provide peace of mind when claiming the credit.

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